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Rhaphiolepis bengalensis (Roxb.) B.B.Liu & J.Wen: A New Record of Plant to Bhutan

Gurung, Dhan. ;  Tobgay, Pema .;  Dendup, Tshering .;  Subba, Summit .;  Blon, Wangchuk .;  , Phuentsho.;  Dorji , Rinchen .;  Dorji, Kencho .; 



During a recent field trip in Wangdue Dzongkhag, few medium sized flowering trees were observed by roadside along Dangchhu river valley near Chuzomsa, and additionally from Phochhu in Punakha. The species was identified as Rhaphiolepis bengalensis (Roxb.) B.B.Liu & J.Wen, which is a new record of plant to Bhutan. Formerly, the species was known as Eriobotrya bengalensis (Roxb.) Hook. f., which is now a synonym of R. bengalensis.


Eriobotrya bengalensis, new record, Rhaphiolepis bengalensis

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