Editorial Policies

BJNRD strictly complies with ethics and standards of scientific writing. BJNRD does not tolerate any form of scientific misconduct such as fabrication (generating false data and manipulation), plagiarism (copying without acknowledgement of sources and authors), salami publication or self-plagiarism (multiple publications with major overlap of ideas and data sources), and multiple submission (to several journals at the same time). In case of suspected misconduct, the Chief Editor will initiate investigation engaging editorial team members. The suspected author(s) will be asked to submit details of works, data, writing and any other communication in facilitating the investigation. Depending upon the severity of the crime committed, the author(s) may be asked to withdraw the paper submitted and the BJNRD reserves the rights to expose such scientific misconduct including informing the head of the organization in which the author(s) work or pay monetary compensation. The author(s), if proven guilty, will not be allowed to make any manuscript submission to BJNRD in future.

BJNRD discourages citation of articles published in predatory journals/publishers, which are deceptive and do not follow ethics of scientific publication. BJNRD also discourages author(s) who published in predatory journal/publisher to avoid submission of manuscript to BJNRD.