Peer Review Process

  1. BJNRD follows double-blind peer review process.
  2. Upon receiving the manuscript, the Chief Editor besides one to two other relevant Editors will make a desktop review of the article.
  3. If the manuscript is found appropriate by the desktop review team, an Editor will be assigned for the manuscript to imitate the review process.
  4. The Editor assigned will find at least two relevant Reviewers and forward the manuscript for review. In case of contradictory recommendations or disagreement in decisions of the two Reviewers, advice of a third party/Reviewer will be sought. However, in case of inconclusive decision following the review process, final decision will be made by the Chief Editor after seeking advice from the Editor assigned to the manuscript.
  5. The Editor assigned may be one of the Reviewers of the manuscript.
  6. Based on the recommendations of the Reviewers, if the manuscript is found appropriate for publication in BJNRD, the Editor assigned will assist the Chief Editor to complete the editorial process.
  7. All opinions, responses, corrections, and addenda are reviewed to ascertain facts.
  8. All Editors and Reviewers are volunteers from the scientific communities who are experts in their thematic areas and are not paid.